Visit Porto (Oporto) in Portugal

Visit Porto (Oporto) in Portugal

Visit Porto (Oporto) in Portugal

Wondering where your next vacation should be? There are many reasons to visit Porto Oporto in Portugal. Whether you are backpacking Europe, taking a romantic getaway, or traveling with the whole family, Porto Portugal has something to offer everyone. Porto is a combination of European culture and life on the sea which is like the best of both worlds for travelers who are in search of a rich culture.

Flights to Porto

Flights to Porto range in price depending on the airline you chose. There are sites that specialize in finding you the best deals on flights. There are plenty of airlines to chose from that offer first class and coach flights to Porto. Depending on what kind of travel experience you want, there is a perfect flight just for you.

From the Airport to your Dwelling

When you first arrive to Porto, it’s important to be aware of the different transfers from Porto airport to be able to decide which option is best for you. There is always the option of taking a taxi or an airport shuttle which are on the more inexpensive end of the scale. A taxi can be found at the last minute, but with a shuttle one would want to book their space ahead of time if at all possible. There are also higher end options that include booking a car to come and pick you up. With different websites to chose from, this is a simple and quick process. If all else fails, you could always catch the bus from the airport. There are plenty of options for transfers from Porto airport you just have to find what works best for you.

Finding the Perfect Hotel in Porto

There is a variety of hotels in Porto, from high end to low. On the higher end you have places like Hotel Teatro Porto, Flores Village Hotel and Spa, and Pestano Palacia de Frexio which range from $200, $300, and upwards of $450 per night, but you get your money’s worth as these places are luxurious, and usually include spa packages, as well as delicious meals cooked with locally sourced sea foods. Hotel Internacional, EuroStars Oporto, and Vinvi Porto all range between $85 to $110 dollars per night. Although they are less expensive than some of there counterparts, they still have a lot to offer whether it’s beautiful scenery or a convenient location. There are plenty of other hotels in Porto to chose from so that there is a home away from home to fit the needs of many different kinds of travelers.

A Variety of Things to Do & Sights to See!

There are a number of activities to do for a variety of travelers in Porto Portugal. Porto has a rich culture and history, which makes for a lot of exciting places to see and things to learn. From museums to historic sites to landmarks and water tours, there is a plethora of things to keep you busy on your stay. Porto is sunny and warm for a great part of the year, and most of the activities take place out doors. The World of Discoveries Museum is a popular and well visited museum for it’s interactive exhibits and its unique explanation of the history of the area. Water tours, and visits to the parks in the area are great activities to do with children or your romantic partner alike. Parque da Cidade do Porto is centrally located and features a few acres of greenery for picnics, playing, or sunbathing. There are churches and cathedrals that are ringing with the rich history of the area; there are also castles that were erected by the Moors which hold a vibrant ancient energy. Visiting the waters and going for a swim is always a great option an a beautifully sunny and warm day in Porto.

In conclusion, there are countless reasons to visit Porto Oporto in Portugal, and whichever activities you chose to partake in will be well worth it! Thank you for visiting the Porto Airport Transfers Blog.