The Best Things To See In Porto

The Best Things To See In Porto

The Best Things To See In Porto

With a population of around 2.4 million people, Porto is easily one of the largest cities in Portugal, second to only Lisbon. In addition, with that big of a city, along with it comes countless tourist attractions and hotspots to see. From extravagant restaurants to majestic cathedrals, and even being home to the best hotels in Porto, this city has it all. So, when the question arises, what are the best things to see in Porto? The simplest answer to that question is, what isn’t there to see in Porto. Being that Porto is at the heart and center of Portugal, Porto is at the core of many historical landmarks and architecture. Worth mentioning again, there is an abundance of places to visit and things to do in this beautiful city. So, if given the opportunity, book your flights to Porto as soon as you can. It is pretty much a guarantee you will not regret visiting. With all of that said, and without further ado, here are the best things to see in Porto.

São Fransisco Church

As mentioned before, you are going to want to book your flights to Porto and your hotels in Porto before hand if you want to see this attraction. The reason for that is because the São Fransisco Church fills up very quickly and on a daily basis. However, there is no surprise in that fact as this church is practically all covered in gold. Visiting the São Fransisco Church gives you an opportunity to appreciate true and magnificent architecture, as the church also has little imperfections. It is, honestly, a wonderful sight to see.

Cais Da Ribeira

If you want to visit Porto to appreciate the Portuguese culture, there is perhaps no better place to visit in Porto than Cais Da Ribeira. Just by the looks of it, it is for sure to keep you from making any changes or transfers from Porto airport but instead, make you wish you were there already. Known by locals as the soul of Porto, and definitely made out to be the spirit of Portugal, the Cais Da Ribeira is where you want to go if you want to experience being a local Porto resident. With everything from fine dining, middle of town shows, and also a river at your sight as the main attraction, you can see why it has been labeled the soul of Porto. It has even been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Crystal Palace Gardens

How does this scenario sound? A breeze of fresh air brought to you by the overlooking Douro River, the smell of fresh flower beds and sights of roaming wildlife, and a glass of fine wine. This can be a day you can have at the Crystal Palace Gardens. Obviously, a popular tourist destination in Porto, the garden offers an experience of relaxation and comfort while you take in the amazing sights that the beautiful city of Porto has to offer. The Crystal Palace Gardens is also another destination that will make you think twice about making any changes and transfers from Porto airport. Instead, the Gardens will make you want to stay in it forever.

Sé Do Porto Cathedral

King John the first married Princess Philippa of Lancaster in this very cathedral in the 14th century and Prince Henry the Navigator was baptized here also. That should be enough information to visit right? If it isn’t you will want to visit this cathedral because it is another beautiful architectural masterpiece. Who would not want to visit a place that has a piece of history as significant as this cathedral? It is amazing in all its glory, you should want to visit this place as soon as you can because simply the word beautiful, does not describe this place to the fullest.

Any Beach In Porto

No vacation getaway is complete without visiting a beach right? The good thing about Porto is that you are never too far away from beautiful beaches with warm sand for your toes. On any summer day in Porto, while many will be attracted to the sight of the inner city, many will also forget to take a dip in the many beaches of the Atlantic which Porto has to offer. The beaches are so vast in Porto, the hard part is picking which beach you prefer over the other. However, remember that there are no wrong answers.  Thank you for reading the Porto Airport Transfers Blog.