Shopping In Porto Portugal

Shopping In Porto Portugal

Shopping In Porto Portugal

The city of Oporto, more commonly called Porto, is Portugal’s second largest city. Located in Northern Portugal on the Douro River estuary, Porto is among Europe’s oldest cities and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hundreds of years ago Porto Portugal was one of the Roman Empire’s outposts. Portugal’s famed fortified port wine derives it name from the city of Porto because the Vila Nova de Gaia cellars where much of the wine is produced, packaged and exported, is located there. The Best European Destination Agency voted Porto Portugal Europe’s best destination in 2012, 2014 and 2017.

Shopping In Porto

Besides Lisbon, Porto is Portugal’s only other recognized global city. The excellent shopping in Porto Portugal draws visitors from all over Europe. Many of Portugal’s largest corporations have their headquarters in the Porto metropolitan area. Porto has been a major center of economic activity since the Middle Ages. It’s position on Portugal’s Atlantic coast made it a transshipment point for products bound for markets in the Old and New World. So going shopping in Porto Portugal definitely isn’t a new phenomenon. The Douro olive oil, dried fruits, nuts and other amazing products in Porto’s vibrant markets have long helped to make the city prosperous.

Flights To Porto

Thousands of people visit Porto each year. The nearby state-of-the-art Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport make taking flights to Porto a breeze. As a commercially important city and one of Europe’s oldest cultural centers, there are daily flights to Porto from many countries in Europe and worldwide. There are also many options when it comes to transfers from Porto airport to the heart of the city. There’s a very effective tram network as well as suburban and light rail services that offer transfers from Porto airport and other places in Portugal to the landmarked São Bento Station in the center of Porto.

Hotels In Porto

Porto has seen a dramatic increase in the number of visiting tourists in recent years. But the city has adequate accommodations to make them all feel comfortable. When they’re looking for hotels in Porto, visitors have a wide range of choices. There are large, ultramodern 5-star hotels, quaint boutique establishments and many other affordably priced options. With so many different types of hotels in Porto, tourists can choose the one they prefer based on location, the amenities it offers or the price. For many visitors to Porto, the hotel they choose can play an important role in their enjoyment of the city.

Reasons To Visit Porto

There are many reasons to visit Porto. Some people go to see the city’s diverse architecture styles which includes everything from the city’s Romanesque Cathedral to the futuristic Casa da Musica. Others come to enjoy the renowned Portuguese music festivals, art galleries and museums like National Museum Soares dos Reis and the Museum of Contemporary Art. For many tourists, it’s the elegance and rare beauty of concert halls like the Coliseu do Porto that brings them to Porto. The desire to sample traditional Portuguese cuisine and excellent port wine, visit the world-famous Lello Bookshop, Kadoorie Synagogue and enjoy the São João Festival, all of these are good reasons to visit Porto.

There’s something special about Porto. From this soil has sprung explorers like Prince Henry the Navigator, Pêro Vaz de Caminha, Ferdinand Magellan and Estevão Gomes. Writers like Ramalho Ortigão, Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen and J.K Rowling, Renaissance composer Pedro de Escobar and artists like António Soares dos Reis, Armando de Basto and Artur Loureiro are all children of raised in Porto Portugal. Experience it yourself. Thank you for reading the Porto Airport Transfers Blog and for visiting