Porto Weather & Beaches

Porto Weather Beaches

Both a rising tourist destination and a metro area, the city of Porto provides a number of vacation opportunities for tourists thanks to its fine climate and historical background. In particular, the Porto weather & beaches stand out as a beacon for would-be tourists.

Located along the coastline, the northern city of Porto Portugal is now the second-largest one in its country behind Lisbon. While the city population is roughly 300,000, the Porto metro area now exceeds 2.4 million. Many regard this city as the only other global city within Portugal aside from Lisbon.

Among the tourism sites are its old historical core which is World Heritage Site. Its roots can date back to the Roman Empire in 300 B.C., making one of the oldest European settlements still around. It is also known for its fine wine and top travel agencies sometimes consider it as the best European travel destination these days.

Even though it is along the Atlantic Ocean, Porto enjoys summer Mediterranean climate conditions throughout the year. While the winters can be rainy, the summers are dry and usually have weather ranging from the mid-60s to mid-80s in temperature. Being close to the coast, Porto usually has low humidity.

Porto is also conveniently located near some nice beaches and resorts. The beach known as Miramar is located seven miles to the south and is prized for its near isolation. The Green Coast is located to the north of the area while the Silver Coast lies to the south. In addition, there are beaches near the mouth of the Douro River such as the Praia de Matosinhos, the Praia de Luz, and the Praia do Ourigo. The resort town Espinho lies to the south and is only a 45-minute train ride away. To the north lies Vila de Conde and Povoa de Varzim that are roughly than an hour’s drive away.

The Porto weather & beaches are ideal tourist spots due to their scenery and ideal climate conditions. They have helped raise Porto’s profile within the travel industry. Another factor is the rise in quality amongst hotels in Porto.

Porto Beaches

There is a great deal of variety when it comes to hotels in Porto. Whether it is the high-end quality ones such as the InterContinental Porto Palacio das Cardosas, ones with great views such the historical, Pestana Vintage Porto Hotel, or more economical choices such as the Grande Hotel de Porto, there are a bevy of options to choose from. This doesn’t even include the resort towns that can be found near Porto Portugal.

When it comes to getting to Porto, the Francisco de Sa Carneiro Airport has produced a larger number of flights since becoming a hub for Ryanair. Flights to Porto can be had for as little as $500-$600 with the right deal. In addition to Ryanair, other Euro airlines such as TAP Portugal, Lufthansa, or Air Europa are good airlines that travel to Porto. While the roundtrip flights to Porto remain somewhat high, there are a number of ways a tourist can reach the area with layover connections.

When it comes to transfers from Porto airport, usually a taxi ride to the hotel can cost between 20-30 Euros. However, there are a variety of public transport options ranging from the subway to the light rail system within the city. There is also a city bus network. Transfers from Porto airport have grown increasingly numerous with a variety of options available to travelers. In addition, many of the hotels are working out transfer shuttle routes to and from Francisco de Sa Cerneiro Airport.

Given its growing tourism reputation, it is likely that Porto is only going to become more of a great travel destination in the coming years. With its fine weather, historical sites, and coastal beaches, there are plenty of options and sights to see within this Portuguese city. Thank you for visiting the Porto airport Transfers website and reading the Porto Airport Transfers Blog.