Porto Sightseeing

Porto Sightseeing

Porto Sightseeing

While Porto is the second-largest city in Portugal after its capitol Lisbon, it is fast becoming a major tourist destination for travelers around the globe.

Despite having roughly 2.4 million in its metro area, Porto Portugal has become one of the hottest tourist spots in all of Europe. Whether it is taking a look at its historical center which has already been declared a World Heritage Site or having a chance to wander along the numerous lovely beaches and nearby resort towns, there is a bit of everything in Porto Portugal for the typical vacationer.

Tourism has exploded in recent years within the region partially due to the scenery, the old European architecture and culture, and the fine wine found within the region. However, it remains one of the more economically friendly destinations for travelers looking to vacation in Western Europe.

Though located north of Lisbon and along the northern coast of Portugal away from the Mediterranean, Porto and the area surrounding it enjoys good weather throughout the year. Winter months may have the area temperatures drop into the 40s and 50s though there is plenty of rain. Conversely, the summer months are in the 70s and 80s with plenty of sunshine.

Porto Sightseeing

There won’t be a lack of possibilities when it comes to Porto sightseeing. The area is teeming with scenic beaches. Among the nearby ones are the Praia de Carneiro, the Praia dos Ingleses, the Praia de Molhe, and Matosinhos Beach

For beaches that are somewhat less crowded, the Miramar Beach seven miles south of the city is a place to go.

In terms of architecture and buildings both historical and modern, the Serralves Museum, the Sao Francisco Church, the riverfront medieval district known as the Cais de Ribeira, the 12th-century fortress called The Cathedral, Clerigos Tower, and the city’s former stock exchange Palacio de Bolsa would all be at or near the top of a tourist’s list.

If you want to take in a nice historic site and eat, the aptly named Café Majestic would be an ideal spot.

Porto Douro River

Hotels In Porto

There isn’t any shortage of luxury hotels in Porto Portugal and they range from high-end lavish ones to the more basic guesthouses. There are some more traditional ones such as the Crowne Plaza Porto, the Sheraton Inn Porto, or even the Quality Inn Porto.

However, the World Heritage Site Pestana Vintage Porto is regarded as perhaps its most popular given its good accommodations and its historical moniker. Other luxury hotels of note include the Pestana Palacio de Freixo, the downtown Hotel Dom Henrique, the Eurostars des Artes, the Palacio dos Cardosas, and the Hotel Carris Porto Ribeira.

Flights To Porto

When it comes to flights to Porto, the Francisco de Carneiro Airport has become a major hub for European airline Ryanair. However, many other top European airlines have flights which can take travelers to the Porto region. Among them are Air France, British Airways, EasyJet, Iberia, and Lufthansa.

Transfers From Porto Airport

For those who are worried about transfers from Porto airport, there shouldn’t be any fears. There are numerous of options to choose from in taking the best route from the airport to a hotel.

Among the transportation options in Porto are the subway, the light rail, buses, trams, and taxis. Then, there is the option of private transfers. For more information, check out the portoairporttransfers.uk web site. The web site can also provide insight on top hotels and tourist hot spots within the Porto region. Thank you for visiting the Porto Airport Transfers Blog.