Porto Portugal Outdoor Activities

Porto Portugal Outdoor Activities

Porto Portugal Outdoor Activities

From the ancient Great Wall of China to the Egyptian pyramids, there are numerous and spectacular places to visit in the world. However, the mild climate, the 300 hours of sunshine and the 850 kilometers of beaches makes Portugal one of the most preferred holiday destinations on earth. Located in the extreme South-west part of Europe, Portugal has exceptional natural landscapes, coupled with a mix of modern and traditional cultures and architecture.

The Enchanting Porto

In Portugal, one of the standout cities in areas of tourism is Porto. This is a fascinating and vibrant city that has a vast history. Sometimes regarded to as Oporto, Porto Portugal is the second largest city in Portugal. It has modern outlook as well as the traditional age-old city.

Porto Portugal is slowly becoming one of the most respected tourist destinations and is usually recognized as a gamma+ level global city by the Globalization and World Cities (GaWC). It also emerged 3rd in the Portugal most livable cities survey.

It is a charming place that has a lot of leisure activities, great food, and great wine friendly and hospitable people. It also boasts of interesting tourist’s attraction sites and a buzzing night life. These hotels in Porto and many other reasons show just why there are many tourist flights to Porto from all different countries worldwide. You can also enjoy transfers from Porto airport to other local destinations.

It is also famed for the production of the sweet alcoholic drink and Port which is matured and bottled in big cellars along the Douro River. This is an interesting tourist attraction where they learn about the traditional brewing process. They also get a taste of the finest Port from the old times. Port wine is the most famous Portugal export.

History Preserved

Budding with history, the ancient Ribeira District is densely occupied by ancient houses, numerous narrow streets with many cafes and bars. They are mostly family owned and passed down generations.

Many hotels in Porto are opened at night hence creating the buzzing nightlife that caters for the young and old. This vibrancy assures visitors of a great time exploring these hotels in Porto, cultures and Porto Portugal outdoor activities, great food, restaurants and night life.

In 1996, UNESCO recognized the massive history in the old town in Ribeira and termed it a World Heritage Site.The old town is built on the hills overlooking the Douro River. The elaborate churches, the ancient designs, the narrow winding streets and many other tourists’ attraction sites earned it this acknowledgement.

The 14th century São Francisco Porto cathedral church, for example, is the oldest surviving building and one of the main tourist attraction sites. There are also some remains of the old city walls that are still visible. Additionally, there are also some few 15th-century homes.

A Destination Awaits

With the many advantages of Porto Portugal outdoor activities well explained, it is no doubt that Travel + Leisure named Portugal as the destination of the year. US citizen’s flights to Portugal have increased by 22% in the last one year.

There are also many other places in Portugal to visit including Lisbon and Algarve which has great hikes and beaches. Minho has a spectacular national park and river valley. The Azores Islands have been poised to be the next Iceland. It has fee diving, volcano hikes, whale watching and a waterfall.

Transfers from Porto airport to all these destinations are available with ease. Therefore it would be great to take flights to Porto, explore then travel to the other destinations that Portugal has to offer. It will surely set the tone of your visit. So, this fantastic destination awaits you and we surely hope to see you there and thank you for visiting the Porto Airport Transfers Blog.