Porto Points Of Interest

Dom Luís I Bridge

Dom Luís I Bridge

There are many lovely places to come to in Porto on your next visit, and you will be amazed with this beautiful part of Portugal. There is a world-famous football club in town, and you are on the coast of one of the world’s most-lovely nations. This article explains a few places you may go to in Porto that will be exciting for you to visit.

#1: Rio Douro

You may camp or picnic on the Rio Douro because it is a lovely place to rest away from other tourists in the city. You will find there are many places to relax, and you will be amazed with the views you find. You will improve your overall experience if you come here in the early morning or late evening, and you find it is a romance inspiring  location.

#2: Palacio da Bolsa

You may come to Porto Portugal to see lovely buildings such as this one, and you will be impressed with this is one because it is one of the Porto points of interest you must tour. You may spend hours in this place learning about it, and it is close to many hotels in Porto you may stay in.

#3: FC Porto Museum

The FC Porto Museum is perfect for all those who are football enthusiasts, and you will find that it gives you a lovely history of football in the nation. Flights to Porto come in frequently for football matches, and you may choose to see a match after you have finished at the museum.

#4: Serralves

The Serralves art museum is a place where you will see great examples Portuguese art, and you will find that the art museum will provide you with hours of pleasureand it is a short walk away from various hotels in Porto.

#5: Cais Da Ribiera

This is a boardwalk that will give you all the shopping and eating you could ever want. Many transfers from Porto airport go straight to this location, and it is quite close to many other Porto points of interest. You may relax here under an umbrella, and you will find that it is quite a lot of fun for you to stay here for hours into the night.

#6: Porto Portugal Tours

There are several tours that will take you up the coast, take you on a train and show you the countryside that is around the city. Porto is this beautiful port that is surrounded by hills and lush green lands. You may go out to explore them, and you will be amazed by them while you discover them on your next tour.

#7: Ponte D. Luis I

This is a lovely bridge that extends across the city, and you will find that it is a lovely place to take pictures. Many flights to Porto see the bridge when they are landing, and many transfers from Porto airport will go over this bridge. You will be impressed by the way the bridge looks, and you will get some of the best pictures of the city at this location.

You have many places you may go when you come to Porto, and you must not miss the beach. Someone who is not accustomed to traveling to Porto must try each attraction, and you will find that you will have many things to do. It is quite simple for you to use the city as your playground because it gives you everything from a lively nightlife to new historical perspectives. You may spend hours in each location, and you will be quite impressed that the city is so very old and yet up to date in many areas. Thank you for visiting the Porto Airport Transfers Blog and sharing this post on social media.