How To Save Money In Porto

How To Save Money In Porto

How To Save Money In Porto

Porto is one of the prominent cities in the Europe and the second largest city in Portugal with more than two million population. But for the travelers, it is more than just another city as it is a hot tourist destination in the continent. You should note that the city has won the Best European Destination Award for the year 2012, 2014 and again in 2017. A number of attractions, including Torre dos Clérigos, Palácio da Bolsa, Igreja de São Francisco, Cais da Ribeira, and more, are making the city a choice for the travel destination for everyone. Interestingly, the city has a greater accessibility from all the major cities of Europe including the U.K.Since the city is just two hours reach from all the major U.K. cities, a large number of U.K. citizens visit Porto to enjoy their vacation within their budget. According to the U.S. News, Porto is the second best destination in Europe for the affordable vacation. You should know how to save money in Porto before you pack your bags if you are looking for an economical journey. By checking the rates of hotels in Porto, you can get an idea about the expenses.

Travel to the City

All the major U.K cities have direct flights to Porto, and the average journey time from London stands at around two hours. During the off-peak seasons, from October to February, you can get the flight tickets priced less than €50. While coming to the transfers from Porto airport, you can choose metro services, buses, taxis, or shared shuttle services. People can also select the car hire option if they are a group, but remember that the country follows right lane drive. The airport is located about 11 k.m. from the city center, and the metro ticket is the cheapest option that charges €1.5.

Stay in the City

Transfers from Porto airport are easy to arrange, the city has some world-class hotels for the travelers that charge over €150. However, it also has many hostels that charge as low as €15 per night. All of them are providing standard services, and you would find it considerably economical to your needs. However, you should check the review ratings, facilities, and rules of the hostels before booking them. Also during the peak season, you may find difficulty in getting rooms in the hostel of your choice. You have already noticed that flights to Porto in the off-peak season charge half of what they charge in the peak season.

Dormitories are also available with many of them charges around €10 per night. While choosing the hostels or hotels in Porto, you can select well-connected areas, where you can easily access all the major attractions in the city.

Other Tips

While using the public transport system, you always give preference to the metro services as it offers cheap, congestion-free journey. You can go for a transport pass that charges from €18.50 to €45 if you plan to spend for few days. In the case food, snacks are charged at €2 on an average, light meals at €7, and full meals including wine may take your €18-20. If you want to save on food, you can go for cooking as €30-35 groceries would save your food budget for a week.

Another answer on how to save money in Porto is by going for a walking tour in the city. Remember that the tours are completely free and the best option to reach areas where buses cannot reach. The walking tour takes you to Sé cathedral, São Bento railway station, Ribeira, and more.


Porto is not a very large city while comparing to other global cities. But, it has everything for a traveler from riverside views to rambling streets. Planning the trip to the city as a group would give you more bargaining power, and every member of your group can benefit from it. Thank you for visiting the Porto Airport Transfers Blog.