A Weekend In Porto, Portugal

Weekend Porto Portugal

Weekend Porto Portugal

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Porto Portugal is a city that is rich in history, yet has maintained modernism perfectly. The city is the second largest in Portugal, serving as a favorite tourist spot for thousands of eager travelers annually. If you’re searching for the perfect weekend getaway spot, Porto has everything you need for a laid-back, fun-in-the-sun time away from home.

Diving pleasures await in Porto, whether you seek incredible nightlife, want to engage in the history of the city, love art and music, or want to enjoy the exquisite dining. Most weekend visitors include a little bit of everything on the agenda, and that’s the absolute best way to enjoy Porto to the fullest. Immediately upon arrival, the spending Atlantic Ocean views will take your breath away, and the thrills won’t stop until you’re back home.

It is the perfect time to compare flights to Porto to score the deal that you want. Although the popular tourist season is in full swing, you can still score a great deal if you compare. While you’re arranging a flight, consider transfers from Porto Airport, as this is also needed to secure a good weekend away.

There are tons of hotels in Porto that you should also book now to ensure a great place to stay upon arrival. Favorite tourist hotels in Porto include The Grande Hotel De Porte, 6Only Guesthouse, and HF Ipanema Park. Compare prices, location, and amenities, and you’ll find a Porto hotel that exceeds expectations.

Things to do in Porto

Stop by Lello Bookstore and grab a book to take home with you while enjoying the artistic views ad ambiance of the building, inside and out. The bookstore is one of the oldest in Portugal, and by many accounts, one of the best in the world. You’ll find many great reads and unexpected teats with a stop at Lello’s Bookstore.

Enjoy a glimpse of the Porto past with a visit to the Palacio De Cristal or Crystal Palace. The original structure collapsed and was rebuilt in 1956, however, it contains many of the same artifacts and pieces as the original. Some of the original palace remains on the grounds today. The gardens outside of the palace add lush relaxation to the trip.

If you enjoy shopping, Porto has an array of vendors offering handicrafts, as well as boutique and shops with many fantastic finds. To fulfil your shopping desires, a visit to the downtown area is necessary. In downtown Porto, you’ll discover many street vendors with reasonably priced goods to sell to you, and leading retailers and shops. Boavista is another great Porto area for shoppers, especially those with a taste for the finer things in life. Here you’ll discover luxury stores with goods for your home, fashion, and beauty needs.

When your weekend in Porto includes children, you’ll be pleased with the many family-friendly options you can choose from for fun. The Serravles Museum and Gardens is a perfect start to a Porto kid-friendly adventure. Enjoy the collection inside the museum, then head outside to the gardens and enjoy a picnic. Everyone in the family will enjoy the science and adventures at the Planetario de Porto, and the Military Museum’s amazing wartime collections. The kids will love the many beaches in Porto as much as the adults, so be sure to include as much time at the beach as possible. Porto has no shortage of great beaches for you to enjoy.

Porto Dining: Experience these Great Tastes

Restaurants in Porto offer authentic meals serving meat, seafood, and fish. Enjoy a meal on the beach, in the heart of the old town, or near the river, with pristine choices in all areas. Top Porto Portugal restaurants worth a visit:

– Chez Lapin

– Cufra Restaurant

– DOP Restaurant

– The Yeatman Restaurant

Finding a restaurant to provide the perfect meal for your weekend getaway is simple. Choosing which of Porto’s amazing restaurants you want to try is the hard decision.

Your Weekend in Porto Begins

Scour the Internet to flights to Porto, comparing prices to find the best deals. Choose the best hotel in Porto for your needs considering one of the available choices above. Arrange transfers from Porto Airport, and book a rental car if needed. With these steps completed, you’re well-prepared for an unforgettably fun weekend in Porto!